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add feedburner link
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--- a/apps/blagh/app.rc
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@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ fn blagh_body {
# Direct links to feeds are disabled because they are not very useful, add clutter and might waste pagerank.
# An user can add this on their own using handlers_body_head anyway.
#echo '<div style="text-align:right">(<a href="index.rss">RSS Feed</a>|<a href="index.atom">Atom Feed</a>)</div>'
+ echo '<a class="feed" target="blank" href=""><img alt="feedburner" src="" /></a>'
{ # XXX Not sure why this fixes issues with blog setup, probably bug in fltr_cache!
for(p in `{get_post_list $blagh_root^$blagh_dirs}) {